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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2005|03:29 am]
People who Care

Please sign this petition to protect the National Forests of the United States. You must be a US citizen to sign. The petition reads:

To: U.S. Congress
Dear members of Congress:

Please introduce the Forever Wild Act, as supported by the Native Forest Council, to the 109th session of Congress. Our public lands, now owned and hereafter acquired, deserve complete and total protection from extractive industries. Do everything in your power to eliminate all logging, road building, grazing, mining, and drilling on every acre of Federal public lands, including but not limited to: National Forests, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, BLM lands, and National Monuments.


The Undersigned


thanks for your support!

Carey Ella

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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2005|06:18 pm]
People who Care

Hey guys... this is my first post.

I'm not sure how many of you are really passionate about the separation of church and state, but it's one of my major passions.

Anderson School District Three in Anderson, South Carolina has to be the most corrupt school system in the nation. My younger sister is in eigth grade at the local middle school, and last night they had an Awards Day Ceremony for the whole school. During the program, the staff sang "Amazing Grace". The fact that they sang a church hymn during a public school ceremony made me livid. I walked out, alone, when they started to sing. Of course, in a very small, rural, poor community, these things go unnoticed and unreported.

Also, I graduated from Anderson School District Three last year, and the chorus was allowed to sing "You Raise Me Up", a traditional Christian song. Not only were they allowed to sing, but three people also pray during the commencement, all Southern Baptist ministers or followers of the Southern Baptist faith.

What can we do to stop this?! This is entirely inappropriate and and corrupt. If any of you have any input or suggestions on what can be done, please let me know.


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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2005|04:34 pm]
People who Care
Hi! Our Civics class is doing a mock- Congress and i am in charge of education and ect. and was wondering if i could take a random survey? it would be AWESOME if i can have your help! it seems like with such a diverse group of people i can get a great sample of data. BUt anyways here are the questions! thanks!
Do you know what the No Child left Behind act is?

Do You agree with it?

What about it would you change?

What should the drop out age be?

Should all teachers be board certified?

Do you agree with teacher salary?

What do you think teachers should be payed?

Does standardized testing need to be altered for people with mental disablities or other educational circumstances?

what party would you associate yourself with?

Thanks a bunch for your time and effort!!
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Promotion for Peaceful Co-existing [Nov. 5th, 2004|02:52 pm]
People who Care

As many of you know, I'm pretty progressive with most of my politics. For some of you who may not know, I participated from a very early age in non-violent solutions to many of the world's problems.

My views on political and social justice were influenced through my parents and grandparents and their continued support of peace building and social justic groups like the ACLU, The Southern Poverty Law Center and the place where I probably spent most of my time outside of home and school until I left for college.

If you are interested in sincerely doing something positive, rather than sitting and complaining about bad policies and watching the manufactured news on TV, I would urge you to contact The Resource Center for Non-Violence.

Does peace matter to you?

Are you willing to do something about it, or will you be just one of faceless millions who just complains and does very little?

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I doubt this will pass, but it should [Oct. 23rd, 2004|02:18 pm]
People who Care


"Two bills, H.J.R. 109 and H.R. 5293, were introduced in the US House by Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL). The first is a constitutional amendment abolishing the electoral college. The latter is a bill providing for instant runoff voting in all federal elections by 2008."
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A new McCarthyism? [Oct. 21st, 2004|04:15 pm]
People who Care


from the list:
"Three Teachers Evicted from Bush Event for Wearing "Protect Our Civil Liberties" T-Shirts"
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Petition Drive! [Oct. 8th, 2004|07:10 pm]
People who Care
Salutations! On October 31st Live Journal will hold it's first presidential election, don't forget to vote! Please sign the petition which will be presented to brad. Thank you!

UserInfo: veiw the candidates

The history of ljers4president!

Please sign this petition to remove Frank the Goats icon and replace it for one day (November 2nd) with the icon of Live Journals soon to be democratically elected president.
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Want to Make A Difference? Plant a Tree [Oct. 8th, 2004|09:04 am]
People who Care

Kenyan Deputy Environment Minister Wangari Muta Maathai Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Planting Trees.

I am overwhelmed with glee about this story. I've been using the mantra :::want to make a difference? plant a tree::: on my stationary, checks and e-mail signatures for years, so I'm glad to see that someone has won the Nobel Peace Prize for planting trees. See, you can make a difference.

Full StoryCollapse )

What are you doing to make the world a better place?

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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2004|11:39 am]
People who Care
Top Story on CNN:

A Hiring Shock: July Payroll Growth Far Shy of Wall Street Forecast; Unemployment Rate Down to 5.5%

Top Story on Fox News:

US Troops Clash with Shi'ite Militia

What's worse: Fox News doesn't even mention the story on job/payroll growth on it's main page or it's US page... it's on the side panel along with stories like Clinton to Appear on Daily Show and Hacking's Attorney to Challenge Confession
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2004|11:36 am]
People who Care
I would cut this entry but it's so unbelievable that I just can't.

Unabashed Racist Leads Tenn. GOP Primary

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - An unabashed racist will represent the Republican party in the November election for a congressional seat after a write-in candidate failed to derail his effort.

With 86 percent of the primary vote counted Thursday, write-in candidate Dennis Bertrand had just 1,554 votes compared to 7,671, or 83 percent, for James L. Hart, a believer in the discredited, phony science of eugenics.

In November, the GOP candidate will oppose Rep. John Tanner, a Democrat who has represented the northwest Tennessee district for 15 years.

Hart, 60, vows if elected to work toward keeping "less favored races" from reproducing or immigrating to the United States. In campaign literature, Hart contends that "poverty genes" threaten to turn the United States into "one big Detroit."

"I didn't expect to win," Hart said. "I thought their network would beat my ideas."

He has run for the 8th District seat before and drawn little attention. But people began to notice this time because he was the only Republican on the ballot.

Since the deadline for getting on the ballot had passed, Bertrand, also a Republican, began a write-in campaign, saying he wanted to protect the party's honor.

"I think his beliefs are not beliefs of any party that I know of," Bertrand said Thursday night. "I knew it was going to be a really long shot, but in good conscience, I had to at least give it an attempt."

Bertrand, a financial analyst and former military officer, was on active duty with the National Guard when the deadline to get on the primary ballot passed.

Hart said he will have lots of time to campaign for the general election since he was forced Wednesday to resign from his job as a real estate salesman because of the attention he drew during the primary.

"They didn't say 'You're fired' in exactly those words, but it was pretty clear what they wanted," Hart said.

While campaigning, Hart sometimes wears a protective vest and carries a .40-caliber pistol, but he said he has run into no trouble.

"When I knock on a door and say white children deserve the same rights as everybody else, the enthusiastic response is truly amazing," he said.

If a black person opens the door, he says he simply drops off campaign literature and leaves.


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