Opinions are like buttholes...

... everyone's got one, some are just cleaner than others.

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This community was created in response to the idiocy of liberal and conservatism, in which people were butchered for posting any and everything. If you want to post in this community without being burnt at the stake, join. We are open to plenty of different views and anytime someone challenges your opinion, they aren't challenging your integrity or lowering their integrity to personal attacks.

The big thing about this community: it's not partisan or on any side of the political spectrum.

This community was created by me, worry_wort. Current moderators are the_lance and sprjr721. More moderators are welcome as time goes on.

What you should post:

1. Any issues, conservative or liberal, which you think need attention.
2. Issues regarding specific candidates.
3. Legal victories/defeats.
4. Jokes or anything of the sort [See below for rules]

What you shouldn't post:

1. Partisan rants.
2. Ranting about people in the community or the community itself.


1. Post your opinions! We want to hear what you have to say so... say it!

2. Do not post anything blatently inflammatory (TBD by moderators) to specific groups, causes, candidates, or people in the community.

3. Lengthy debates are allowed, however do not resort to personal attacks or anything of the like.

4. Do not post anything like "Republikkkans" or "Lieberals". We are adults - don't waste people's time.

5. Put any enormous documents, pictures, or anything which takes a long time to read under a cut.

6. Do not troll. If you do you will be banned.

7. Alert people of crossposting just to avoid the hassle of having people flip out.

8. If you are posting a joke: let us know (either in the subject or content) and disallow comments. If this joke crosses the line or is deemed to offensive it won't be allowed.

9. Don't do introductory posts unless if you have something to say in addition.

10. This community isn't partisan; don't post about pundits (liberal or conservative, unless if they are an intellectual (not Michael Moore or Ann Coulter)) and try to remember that there a bunch of different viewpoints in this community. Respect that.

Sorry about all the rules, we are just trying to avoid some of the crazy issues that came up in liberal and conservatism. In reality we aren't that anal, we just don't want people to feel like they are being harassed or what not because of their viewpoints.